Grade 11 Course Descriptions

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    Art 10 – Students will be introduced to a world of artistic expression through the development of creative design. This includes understanding of the colour theory, principles and elements of art and design and basic instruction and experimentation with different art mediums and theory. Students will use various materials to create works that express emotions, ideas and their lives.





    Course Descriptions for B.C. Curriculum Grade 11 Courses



    English 11 – This is a literature based course that prepares students to think and communication in higher-level English, similar to, but more sophisticated than, Intro to Lit. 11. Students will continue to read and respond to short stories, poems, and informational texts. Students will also go beyond the scope of Intro to Lit 11 to engage in novel studies and thematic units.





    Introduction to Literature 11 – This is a literature-based course that prepares students to think and communication in higher-level English. Students will read and respond to short stories, poems, and informational texts. Students will show their understanding of these texts through written assignments and by responding orally and graphically to questions about these texts. Most importantly, this course will help students build their English skills, especially writing.





    Visual Art 11 – This course introduces students to a number of artistic mediums including sketching, graphic design, sculpture, and painting. Students will also learn art history, art criticism, and artistic theories. Students will produce numerous artistic works employing learned and practiced techniques.





    Social Studies 11 – This course focuses on the historical events of the 20th century including Great Depression WWII, Cold War and contemporary world events. It also examines key social and economic issues of the 20th century such as multiculturalism, gender equality, and the economic cycle. S.S. 11 also includes a section on international geography, global population and environmental issues. In addition this course will also focus on improving student writing, presentation and critical thinking skills.



    该课程着眼于二十世纪的重大历史事件,如大萧条、二战、冷战以及当代国际大事等。同时,课程也关注20世纪关键的社会经济问题,如多元文化论、男女平等 和经济循环等。除此之外,该课程还包括介绍世界地理、全球人口与环境等内容。该课程力争帮助学生提高写作水平、演讲展示技巧和批判性思维的能力。


    Physical Education 11- This course focuses on various sport skills development, healthy lifestyles, active living, leadership, safety, personal and social responsibility. Students will learn the benefits of physical activity and healthy lifestyles.





    Fitness 11 – This course is an extension of P.E. and includes active living, healthy lifestyles as well as a large focus on fitness movement and development. 





    Biology 11 – This course is an introduction to the science of living things with a focus on Evolution, Ecological Relationships, Microbiology. As well as Plant Biology and Animal Biology. This is a class-based course with a lab component.





    Physics 11 – This is a scientific course that allows students to build on their knowledge acquired in during the Physics Unit of Science 10.  Students will learn about various forces, kinematics,  wave motion and geometrical optics, momentum and Newton’s Laws. Students will demonstrate various physics principals in the lab.





    Chemistry 11 – This course continues with the themes from the Chemistry Unit of Science 10. There is a focus on Atomic Theory, Chemical Reactions, Stoichiometry, Chemical and Physical changes/properties as well as introduction to chemistry lab procedures and safety. This course also has a lab component.





    Acting and Production 11 – In this course students will engage in various dramatic elements, as well as, present and emphasize the application of drama skills in other contexts and opportunities. Students are required to interpret, present, create and script original works in a variety of dramatic forms, as well as, critically analyze the processes involved in producing drama works.





    Pre-Calculus 11 – Students will build on their math skills as they learn about algebraic reasoning and number sense, trigonometry, and various mathematical relationships and functions. Students will build connections to mathematic concepts and their daily life.