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Maple Leaf International School – Shanghai December Newsletter 上海枫叶国际学校十二月简报

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1.      Principal’s Message


         Christmas Gala:   BC homerooms have had some fun with several “Christmas” related activities including door decorating, a raffle for a gift basket, a clothing drive for the poor, and a Home Room Christmas song fest on December 24.  In the spirit of Christmas we believe it is better and more fun to “give than to receive.”  We hope all students have had fun joining with us in these celebrations.


         New Year’s Gala:  New Year’s gala celebrations are not a Canadian tradition, so our staff look forward to being entertained by our Chinese students and staff on December 31.


2.      Examinations: After the successful completion of our Provincial Examinations in November we are now moving quickly through a short Christmas and New Year’s break toward our two-week exam period in mid-January.  School exams begin on January 12-15. Friday, January 16 and Saturday, January 17, are work days for staff without students as we mark exams, prepare report cards, and prepare for Semester 2 classes which begin on January 19.  During the week of January 19-23 students in Science, Math and English 10 and Socials 11 will write their online British Columbia provincial examinations and will also begin Semester 2 classes.


3.      Report Cards:  Reports will be ready during the week of January 26-30.  It is difficult to judge exactly which day they will be ready due to Power School restrictions. Provincially examinable course marks will be ready in mid-February when released by the BC Ministry of Education.


4.      Semester Two Timetables:  Students in grade 11 have been interviewed by our Academic Advisors, Ms. Chu and Ms. MacDonald regarding courses for semester 2.  Students in grade 10 have had their timetables reviewed.  Students begin semester 2 at the same time as Provincial Exams.  They will be given their timetables in Home Room on January 19.

下学期课程表:11年级学生正在与学术指导教师(Ms. Chu Ms. MacDonald)预约谈话以确定第二学期课程表。10年级学生课表已经确认。

5.      Holiday Homework:  The most important thing for students to do over the February holiday break is to practice their English.  The best way to do this is by reading, but students can also watch English movies, or they can go for tea or coffee with friends and speak English!  Holiday homework will be given to students on or before Friday, January 30.  Note: only core subjects assign homework.         


6.      December Highlights


Ø  Bookmark Contest Winners:  Yang, Yining (Rico); Hu, He (Alina); Wang, Zhe Hao (Howard) and Zheng, Zhewen (Iris) made beautiful bookmarks and are the winners of our second annual bookmark contest run by our librarian Ms. Klem.  Congratulations.  All the bookmarks are being laminated and will be distributed as soon as they are ready.

书签设计制作大赛赢家:在图书馆Ms. Klem指导下展开的第二届书签设计大赛中,杨依宁、胡荷、王哲昊、郑喆雯制作的精美书签荣登榜首!获奖作品将会在随后印制出来并发放给大家使用。

Ø  DI team advances from Shanghai competition to Beijing.  Missing several members due to the Chicken Pox we still manage to place 2nd!


Ø  Soccer Team Make it to the Finals:  In just our first season in the league the soccer team lost in the league finals.  Well done Ms. Wist and all the boys.


Ø  Basketball:  Our boys, under coaches Mr. Reble and Mr. Pabayo, won their first league game in front of a packed MLIS-S gym.  The girls team, coached by Mr. Wang, played with great spirit and energy in their first game.

篮球联赛:由Mr. Reble Mr. Pabayo执教的男子篮球队赢得了今年的首场校际比赛,由Mr. Wang执教的女子篮球队初次亮相精神抖擞!

Ø  University of Waterloo Math Contest:  Several students scored very high marks in our first International math contest sponsored by Waterloo University and run by Mr. Wang, Ms. Chu and Mr. Atwell.  Top student marks:  Alex Wang (Yihan) won the first place medal.

滑铁卢数学竞赛:在Mr. Wang, Ms. Chu Mr. Atwell的指导下,多名学生参加了滑铁卢数学竞赛并取得了优异的成绩,本次竞赛中王一涵赢得了校区参赛第一名奖牌。

Ø  University Fair: Our first university fair, featuring over 35 universities from around the world, was a huge success.


Ø  Language Leaders:  Mr. Webster has created our first ever “language leaders” class.  These grade 11 students will work with Canadian teachers in grade 10 classrooms and will help emerging language students with their work.  This is a program designed for top students only.

语言领导者:Mr. Webster首创了“语言领导班”,被选拔出来的11年级学生将作为加拿大教师的小助手参与到针对10年级学生的语言教学辅导中,参与该项目的高年级学生都是成绩优异者。

7.       Upcoming Events:


Stanford University Math Trip:  7 students, chaperoned by Mr. Wang and Ms. Chu, are competing in the most challenging math contest available to students – the Stanford University Math Tournament, February 8 – 16 at Stanford University outside San Francisco, USA. 

斯坦福数学竞赛之旅:Mr. Wang Ms. Chu指导下,7名学生将在28-16日期间赴美国斯坦福大学参加极具挑战性的斯坦福数学竞赛。

8.       Key Dates


Ø  January 23 & 30:  Normal Schedule – no tutorials


Ø  January 12-15:  School Exams


Ø  January 19:  Start of Semester 2


Ø  January 20:  Socials 11 Provincial Exam


Ø  January 21: English 10 Provincial Exam


Ø  January 22:  Science 10 Provincial Exam


Ø  January 23:  Math 10 Provincial Exam


Ø  January 30: Last day of classes prior to break


Ø  March 2:  Classes begin.